Humane Nuisance Wildlife Trapping and Relocation

Infestation Control, Inc. also performs nuisance wildlife trapping and relocation.  From squirrels to raccoons to opossums, we will trap and relocate any animals causing a nuisance on your property.  Squirrels and raccoons will often enter into attics and crawl spaces looking for warmth in the winter, or for a place to nest and have their young.  These animals can cause a great deal of damage to your home and can even pose a threat to your domestic pets.  Don’t let these nuisance animals cause any more harm than necessary.  Let us safely and humanely relocate them from your home or property.

Depending on your situation, once we are confident we have completely eliminated the necessary nuisance wildlife, we can often offer exclusion methods to prevent future problems from arising.  We can take care of minor repairs if needed or can direct you to a qualified contractor who we work very closely with. 

Below are a few facts about nuisance wildlife you should be aware of, as well as some great reasons why not to let an issue go unattended:

  • Larger animals (raccoons, opossums, etc) may confront your domestic pets placing them in great danger.
  • Rodents and nuisance wildlife can make your vegetable garden their own, eating all of your prized veggies, as well as tearing up your entire garden and lawn.
  • Many of these nuisance animals are the most common carriers of rabies, most notably the raccoon, but also skunks, and bats.
  • All nuisance wildlife are potential carriers of fleas, tics, parasites, and other blood vector insects.
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